Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Volume 1 Beta Version Released

Hi everyone,

There have been a lot of changes. Some characters have been removed, and many battle scenes have been rewritten. Characters are now much more consistent in terms of what they call each other, as well as their personalities (except for the ones that are supposed to be erratic).

There is also a new cover!

You can find the download link for the volume either below or by going to the volume one page, which you can find on the right.

Volume 1 Download (beta version)

Please enjoy and feel free to leave any comments.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Fifth chapter and epilogue completed!

However, they will not be posted until the first volume is completed edited, etc.

All battle scenes in chapter 4 and 5 Rewritten

Lots of stuff renamed. Some characters removed.

I will keep the status below up to date.

Volume 1 Editing
Set up - 100%
My editing: 100%

Editors' Editing: 3%
I've only really given them the new prologue (which is incredibly short)

I will be releasing a "beta" version once i'm done my editing, and a "final" version once the editors have looked over everything 


Still accepting editors

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fourth Chapter

Here it is everyone, please enjoy!

It is split into three parts for ease of reading.

Seal 4 見捨てられた獣 [The Forsaken Beast]

Seal 4 見捨てられた獣 [The Forsaken Beast] ~Interlude~

Seal 4 見捨てられた獣 [The Forsaken Beast] ~ Part 2

In other news, the art is being done at the same time, and great progress is being made! *_*

Feel free to comment, or apply for an editors position,