Monday, 29 July 2013

Finally, An Update!

After a long delay - I've finally finished with a huge chunk of stuff...

Volume 1-4 is downloadable through the link below.
Everything is in PDF format as always.

A few changes have been made the previous volumes, and a few things have been fixed up here and there. Nothing too major.

I have finished writing 6.
5 is in editing.

My next update will likely be after my finals - which are this month.


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Not dead yet!

April 28th Update: The guys who "fixed" my laptop ended up breaking the circuitry as well as the battery, and ended up taking it back in to try and fix it. I finally got access to a computer again, so this time, it should really be done in 3 days v.v"

Edit based on ^: I don't have internet for a while since I just moved.... "orz

UPDATE: My laptop was broken for a while, and the people who tried to fix it broke its battery.... However, I'm functional again now. Volume 2 should be out in ~3 days.

Editor is taking a break before moving onto volume 3. 

Hi everyone who still visits this page.

I`m sorry I haven`t been updating anything yet - but that`s because I want to provide an extremely large one when I do.

Volume 2, 3 and 4 should all be released together shortly.

Expect a rewritten vol 2 in 1 month, and another volume for each month afterwards.

5 onwards may take more time though.