Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mistake in third chapter

Today I realized I left out a very important detail in the third chapter around the part where the angel appears.

I have now updated and fixed it.

Fourth chapter status

Part 1

Writing: 100%
Editing 80%


Writing 100%
Editing 60%

Part 2

Writing 100%
Editing 0%

Fifth Chapter Status

Writing 0.01% <--- started first line

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Third Chapter - Released!

Hi everyone,

After two long weeks of work, and squeezing my writing/editing in between it, I finally completed the third chapter! 

The total word count is approximately 8000.

Note: Even though its media fire, you don't actually have to download the file. It can be read online.

Seal 3 天使の王子 [The Angelic Prince] - Media Fire



Sunday, 24 June 2012

Updates and Status

Current Status

Third chapter - 100% writing completed
Initial Edit - 95% completed - will finish after I sleep

I will post this when the initial edit is complete. Below is a whole bunch of notes for individuals who have already read the first two (not fully edited) chapters, as well as an anticipated release schedule.

Current list of changes

Chapter 1 -> Yuki's knowledge of Mashiro's weapon changes slightly
Jigen souru -> "Tamashii no Jigen"
Slight dialogue changes throughout
Slight change in chapter 2 regarding the principal of the acadamy, and the description thereof
All cases of magical energy -> "Mana"
Chapter names altered and translated

List of changes to come
- mostly art
-will modify character speaking manners to make them more easily identifiable

Anticipated Schedule

Biweekly Chapter Releases after a one week break (because of work!! D:)

A completed first volume in July - August

A completed first volume WITH illustrations - August.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Large update.

The prologue's on-line text version has been posted, and is essentially finalized.

The first and second chapters will have their PDF previews posted this week! The total word count at the moment amounts to approximately 19,000 between these two chapters. An online text version will be posted when edits have become final.

Please note that those who read an older version of the first chapter may not understand certain aspects due to large changes in the script, with abilities and such included. The general plot however, has remained unchanged.

Prologue (MediaFire)

Seal 1 姫と巫女(♂) [The Princess and the Shrine Maiden(♂)] - MediaFire

Seal 2 魔王の涙 [Tears of a Demon Lord] - Media Fire

Any word (or phrase/idea) with an asterisk (*) after it has a brief explanation in the definitions section. Also note titles may be different from what is in the chapter. The above titles will be final.

Happy reading,


P.S. Still looking for editors

Friday, 1 June 2012


Hi guys, this is the latest status update!

We, the staff, have decided to rewrite everything in first person, while adding some additional content along the way. The first chapter has been redone in this new style, and s being edited.

It will be available shortly!

The second chapter should be done soon as well! Accompanying the second chapter will be a list of Japanese honorifics and terms for those of you who do not understand them. The on-line versions will also be released soon.

Look forward to it,