Note: these are not very detailed. If you require additional understanding, please look them up.

Aniki – Elder brother. Note: it is not always literal. Some gangsters refer to their higher ups as such
Chan – an honorific for teenage girls, children, old people, pets and other affectionate or endearing individuals
Debu – Fatty
Dogeza – “OTL or “orz, when a person gets on their hands and knees, usually to beg for something
Itadakimasu – something people say before they eat.
Jigen – summoning of something holy
Kun – way to address males and coworkers
Nee – A way to address an elder sister
Ojou- rich, lady like girl
Ossan – way to address older men
Ramen – a type of noodle
San – an honorific for those you respect. Can also be used in the same fashion as “Mr.” in english.
Sama – a very respectful honorific
Souru - soul
Yanki – Japanese delinquents

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