Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm still alive. (A bit of an update as well)

Hi there all,

Sorry for not posting lately! I actually forgot I had a blog. Now that I'm aware again, I'll begin posting here more often.

So, first thing's first.

I'm sorry that volume 5 has not been posted! The editor has told me that its problematic and needed to be rewritten, but I really want to finish writing volume 8 before I do. (I'm 80% done) The plot in volume 5 was too condensed, so, to the readers, it would likely feel bad. However, I'm actually going to release it anyways for those of you who are getting extremely impatient.

If you desperately want to know what happens, I will post a link. However, please note that many things will be changed. This means that many scenes will be removed, some will be rewritten and replaced, and other new scenes will also be present. Volume 5 may even end up being split into 2 different volumes, depending how it turns out!

That said, I've actually been using Google drive lately! It's very convenient. As promised, here are the links to the updated versions of volume 1 through 4, with 5 at the end. As always, I have made some changes to the older volumes to improve them. In the future, I will continue to make these changes to improve the quality for future readers.

If you didn't manage to catch them, don't worry! I will be letting everyone know of any major changes.

For example, this time around, I decided to reveal Yuki's full name earlier than I had initially wanted to do it, thus, I went back into volume 1 and edited it (Lucifer Miyukihime) in. I'm planning on changing that in a few scenes that would be more suitable with her full name rather than just the short form. The reason behind this change is well... I realized there was no reason to hide it!

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

With my current pace, of approximately 1000 words a day, I should be done volume 8 within the next 2 weeks, which means I'll be working on volume 5 again very soon. Don't be surprised if you see changes happen in the google doc when you open it! If there's enough interest, I might just barf the rest of the volumes here pre-edit, because editor = lazy bum, and it might encourage him to do more.

My editor will also be using said google docs, so if you see any random notes or comments... you can just ignore them.

Furthermore, I'm going to try getting this posted on Baka-tsuki again...

We shall see how that goes.

Thank you for your continued support everyone!

Feel free to post any comments you have below!

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