Sunday, 24 June 2012

Updates and Status

Current Status

Third chapter - 100% writing completed
Initial Edit - 95% completed - will finish after I sleep

I will post this when the initial edit is complete. Below is a whole bunch of notes for individuals who have already read the first two (not fully edited) chapters, as well as an anticipated release schedule.

Current list of changes

Chapter 1 -> Yuki's knowledge of Mashiro's weapon changes slightly
Jigen souru -> "Tamashii no Jigen"
Slight dialogue changes throughout
Slight change in chapter 2 regarding the principal of the acadamy, and the description thereof
All cases of magical energy -> "Mana"
Chapter names altered and translated

List of changes to come
- mostly art
-will modify character speaking manners to make them more easily identifiable

Anticipated Schedule

Biweekly Chapter Releases after a one week break (because of work!! D:)

A completed first volume in July - August

A completed first volume WITH illustrations - August.

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