Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Large update.

The prologue's on-line text version has been posted, and is essentially finalized.

The first and second chapters will have their PDF previews posted this week! The total word count at the moment amounts to approximately 19,000 between these two chapters. An online text version will be posted when edits have become final.

Please note that those who read an older version of the first chapter may not understand certain aspects due to large changes in the script, with abilities and such included. The general plot however, has remained unchanged.

Prologue (MediaFire)

Seal 1 姫と巫女(♂) [The Princess and the Shrine Maiden(♂)] - MediaFire

Seal 2 魔王の涙 [Tears of a Demon Lord] - Media Fire

Any word (or phrase/idea) with an asterisk (*) after it has a brief explanation in the definitions section. Also note titles may be different from what is in the chapter. The above titles will be final.

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P.S. Still looking for editors

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